Coaching Code of Conduct

The Fraser Valley Volleyball Commission, as part of the BC High School Boys Volleyball Commission, operates under the jurisdiction of BC School Sports.  Policies outlined on the BC School Sports web site apply to schools, teams, athletes, and spectators who participate in or attend Fraser Valley Volleyball Commission events.   
Athletic Directors, coaches, athletes, and parents should be aware of the following BC School Sport policies:
Section 1 –   Athletic Program Guidelines-Interschool Competition  
Section 2 –   Codes of Conduct  See below:   Fraser Valley Commission “Athlete/Coach Incident Report” 
Section 3 –   Community Coach Guidelines 
Section 4 –   Recruiting  
Section 5 –   Gender Equity   
Section 6 –   Eligibility  
Section 7 –   Seasons of Play  
Section 8 –   Violations of Competitive Policies   
Section 9 –   Championship Standards  
Section 10 – Junior Provincial Championships 
Section 11 – National Championships  
Section 12 – Sanctioning for Out of Province Competition  
Section 13 – Cheerleading

BC SCHOOL SPORTS recognizes that the Administrative head of each school is held ultimately responsible in all matters in his/her school which concern interscholastic athletic contests. The expectation of the Association is that Principals will ensure that BCSS policies established Member School interscholastic athletics will be followed by his/her staff.
Fraser Valley Volleyball Commission – Code of Conduct Expectations – (Coach/Student-Athlete) It is expected that each school ensure that its athletes and coaches adhere to the appropriate BC School Sports Code of Conduct. (see Section 3) Should a coach or Volleyball BC official while at a Fraser Valley Commission league or playoff match have cause to report a coach or student-athlete for inappropriate behaviour, as stated in the Fraser Valley Commission “Athlete – Incident Report” or “Coach – Incident Report” he or she can file a “Athlete – Incident Report” or “Coach – Incident Report” with the Fraser Valley Volleyball
The “Athlete Incident Report”,”Coach Incident Report”, “Athlete Incident Form”, and “Coach Incident Form” can be viewed on this web site.